Our Expertise

Stuart & Deville is a leading authority on value creation. This expertise allows us to advise top executives across a range of industries on the most important issues they face, including:

Strategy development: we can design winning strategies that exploit profitable differences from the competition to achieve and sustain breakthrough performance.

Strategy execution: we can help to turn a great strategy into great performance through grounded strategies, disciplined planning, continuous performance monitoring and a culture of accountability.

Mergers & acquisitions: building an advantaged capability in identifying, screening, acquiring and integrating companies to fuel company-wide value growth.

Marketing strategy: we can grow the top line faster and more profitably through better customer insight, product propositions, pricing strategies, channel development and control, communication strategies and focused marketing investments.

Productivity analyses: we can determine where and how to manage costs, capital expenses and other investments to grow long-term value.

Organization improvement: we can help in developing better leaders and building stronger teams capable of delivering superior performance and value through process re-engineering, focused hiring support, shadow management, management training programs and internal communication campaigns.

Stuart & Deville focus on value creation enables us to bring a distinctive point of view to each of these areas. No matter what the scale and scope of our involvement, our goal is always the same: to help our clients achieve exceptional results and build lasting capabilities.

Our approach is also unusual. We collaborate with our clients on their toughest issues and biggest opportunities, but we never forget that our role is to enable the change.