Stuart & Deville works with the executive and shareholding boards and senior management teams of large and medium sized public organizations and international private corporations to help them deliver superior results and accelerated value growth.

If you are interested in pursuing a career with Stuart & Deville, we invite you to read more and find out why Stuart & Deville is a great place to work:

  • High impact projects – we work on the most important issues facing the senior leadership team of our clients, providing tailored advice and building lasting relationships to drive long term value.
  • Opportunities for our consultants – we provide genuine responsibility and the possibility to create an impact from 'day one' with no speed limit to own development and a tailored path.
  • Foundations for your career – we are a supportive environment, we provide exciting opportunities to build a career in consulting and a strong reputation with future potential employers in industry.

Every year, Stuart & Deville recruits outstanding applicants from any discipline to join our offices in Milan and abroad who demonstrate:

  • sound analytical skills and creative approaches to problem solving
  • excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • strong self-confidence with a sense of humility
  • proven collaborative skills and desire to grow our practice