About Stuart & Deville

Stuart & Deville partners with both public and private organizations of varying shapes and sizes to help them increase and realize their potential to create value. Several companies from around the world have adopted our approach to help them improve their business models and management practices.

Stuart & Deville focuses on assisting companies adapt to the new economic reality that will emerge from the fluctuating financial climates: currently, consumer attitudes and behaviors are experimenting an epochal reset, which is ultimately affecting all industries in all regions of the world; higher volatility will be a way of life for some time to come; and in general, economic returns are turning to lower levels with respect to the past years. The challenge to create value and the need for new business models and management innovation is greater than in the past.

Our advice is simple in its substance: companies should be managed to create long-term value for their owners. We use value-based management to bring and measure ideas, as well as to enforce objectivity and experience to help executives answer critical business questions and improve the quality of decision-making.

Stuart & Deville has found that focused, individual and highly tailored approaches to a client’s need – rather than industry solutions and armies of consultants – are the effective way forward to engender a substantial and resolute impact. The keys to helping business leaders unlock unique value are customized ideas, constructive challenge and committed partners who roll up their sleeves to help clients get things done.

From Milan, New York, Seattle and other cities around the world we serve clients across the Europe, Americas, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australasia.